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Bertie Bottle needs your support.....

Bertie Bottle is looking for support, let’s work together to make a difference.


My daughter, Jess came up with the idea of Bertie Bottle for a school recycling project.  As a family we decided to continue what Jess has created.  

We are a family based in Grange Park, we have set up a campaign for local businesses to pledge they are reducing and stopping the use of single use plastics. We also litter pick in our local area and have installed dog poo bag dispensers around Grange Park.  

We are really excited about our next big project!


We have written an educational children’s story about Bertie Bottle (we have further ideas for more stories), we have an illustrator onboard and the support of a local school.  We just need the funding to get this amazing project off the ground.  

The story will follow Bertie as he sees what destruction is caused by single use plastics ending up in the oceans.  At the end of the story we are looking to provide further information and facts regarding single use plastics. There will be a page (with input from the young people at our local primary school) about how you the reader can make a difference and some colouring pages at the end. 

When I was young there was a fantastic road safety campaign called Tufty the Squirrel, I can still remember Tufty and the campaign 30 years later. We believe Bertie the Bottle can have the same impact! 

We are really excited about our next BIG project. We would really appreciate any help you can give us, please see the link below.

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